Foods that protect against cancer and its spread!


Vegetables and fruits

Carrots: Study concluded that taking carrots may reduce the risk of stomach cancer by up to 26%.
Tomato: Contains lycopin, a compound responsible for the red color of the tomatoes, as well as its anti-cancer properties. A study has reported that increased administration of licobin and tomatoes can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
Broccoli: Sulphurapan, a plant compound in cryogenic vegetables that may contain anti-cancer properties. One study showed that this compound reduced the size and number of breast cancer cells by up to 75%.
Berries: Berries contain a high percentage of female, plant dyes with antioxidant properties, and can be associated with low risk of cancer. In one human study, 25 people with colon cancer, who are straight with a death extractor, were treated for seven days, and found to reduce the growth of cancerous cells by seven


Cinnamon: Known for its health benefits, including its ability to reduce blood sugar and reduce inflammation, some anaphylopic and animal studies have found that the cinnamon helps prevent the spread of cancerous cells.
Turmeric: A spices known for its characteristics in promoting health. It contains carcine, an anti-inflammatory and oxidized chemical that has a role in limiting the spread of colon cancer cells, by targeting an enzyme associated with cancer cell growth.
Garlic: Allysin is an active element of garlic, a compound that has been shown to kill cancerous cells in multiple studies.

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