The fatty class under your skin. Save you from infections!


For the first time we invite you not to be disturbed by the fatty class under your skin! You don’t have to try to get rid of it, we don’t talk here about obesity or excessive obesity, but few fat can prevent you from getting some infections! But how is that done? What is the mechanism of the fat cells operating under the skin?

When the skin is exposed to wounds that become more susceptible to pathogenic germs, the human body immune system sends specialized white blood pellets, neutroPhils, and monocytes, to the place of the wound to swallow and neutralize those pathogenic bacteria. But before these body-spread cells reach the infestation site, you’ll need an immediate response that faces the speed and increase of germs! But how does this response occur?

Fat cells under the skin.. Your first line of defense!
The fat cells under the skin represent the first line of defense against invasive germs, which gives the white pellets time to reach the place of the wound, as a new study showed that fighting pathogenic agents is not confined to the immune system only, but the fat cells produce antibacterial substances. This has been demonstrated by laboratory experiments on these cells at both mice and humans.

Thus, it has been shown that fat cells are capable of producing anti-bacterial substances in quantities equal to the quantities produced by the immune system, but what are these substances and how are they produced?

Fat cells. A product of antibiotics!

Asian 20s Sport Girl squeezes her stomach

Scientists have found, through an experiment on mice, that the layer of fat beneath the skin surface becomes thicker when exposed to an injury, and that the fat cells in the infestation produce high levels of anti-bacterial obese antibiotics (AMP) called caricelicidin or camp. They are molecules used by the self-immune system to eliminate invasive germs, viruses, fungus and other pathogenic agents, and researchers noted that mice lacking healthy fat cells are more susceptible to repeated acute blood transfusions.

But.. Excessive body fat is dangerous for your health!

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