Ways to relieve stress and cope with it


Calm music has a positive effect on the brain and body; Where it can contribute to lowering blood pressure and reducing cortisol, a hormone associated with stress.

If you are feeling nervous, try taking a break and listening to soothing music, or listening to nature’s sounds.

Talk to someone close
Good relationships with friends and relatives are important for adopting a healthy lifestyle. When you feel stressed, take a break and call a friend about your problems.

Always laugh
Laughter releases the hormone of happiness (endorphins), which improves mood and reduces the level of stress hormones, such as cortisol, which raises the level of sugars in the bloodstream, and adrenaline, which increases the heart rate and raises blood pressure.

Writing can be used as a way to express what causes a person to be nervous, to see the details of his feelings.

Long-term stress

Follow a healthy diet
The level of stress is highly related to the diet, because in periods of stress we resort to light foods rich in mentalities and sugars, and forget to eat everything that is healthy, for this, eating fruits, vegetables and fish rich in fatty acids and omega-3s, is a way to stimulate the brain and reduce symptoms of stress.

Playing sports
Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean resistance training, weightlifting, or marathon training – walking or stretching during a work break can provide a reduction in stress and fatigue.

Sleep better
Stress can cause sleep problems. Because lack of sleep is one of the direct causes of stress that affects the body and brain, you can improve your sleep periods:

Turn off the TV or phone before your bedtime.
Turn off the lights.
Give yourself time to relax before bed.
Choose a positive environment
Staying away from people who cause tension for the person helps to save oneself from all negative influences, in exchange for surrounding it with a positive atmosphere that spares the person from stress and tension.

Mindfulness is a large part of the meditative methods that preserve mental health, which have gained great popularity in recent times, including yoga, which includes physical and mental exercises that prevent the development of stress problems.

Take a deep breath
This method may sound funny, but it is true when it comes to stress, as you can focus on calm and deep breathing for three to five minutes to pump more oxygen into the blood, thus relieving stress and controlling more of your body and mind.

Meditation helps to raise self-awareness, by finding how to deal with stress, avoid negative feelings, and gain patience and withstand stress.

Finally, after you know about tension and ways to alleviate its severity, it should be noted that when a person loses control and overcomes tension in simple ways, it is necessary to communicate with a specialist or psychiatrist to avoid the tension developing into severe complications.

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